Disability Exceptions

Exceptions for students with a disability and visual impairment

Disability exceptions guidance [view]

If a student is unable to access a usual copy of the Material because of a visual impairment or disability (including dyslexia):

  • The CLA Licence permits the University to make and supply a copy (an “Accessible Copy”) of part or the whole of any work in any alternative format that is more accessible to the Authorised Person.
  • Commercially available version- An Accessibly Copy of the work may only be produced if and to the extent that it is not commercially available in a form accessible to the disabled student.
  • The University has to own the original copy.
  • The 5% Rule can be broken but for each copy over the 5% Rule it must contain:
    1.  A statement that it was a copy made under the CLA Licence for the use of a disabled student and that it may not be copied or scanned without permission; and
    2. The title and name of the author and publisher and the title of the material.