What you can do?

In order to enable academics to copy and re-use content of copyright materials, and to share them with UAL students beyond what is permitted by the copyright law, UAL is subscribed to a licence for Higher Education institutions issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency (HE CLA).

The HE CLA Licence covers multiple photocopying for teaching as well as the creation of scanned materials to be placed in Moodle.

If you carry out the copying yourself, you must be sure that you are familiar with the Licence requirements. Please follow all steps required to ensure you are allowed to digitise / copy the work by following all the steps listed in the CLA:

Checklist: Making digital copies

If you want to upload materials for teaching to Moodle please follow these three steps:

Step 1: Check for a digital copy

  • Is there a digital copy already available from the library?

If the answer is yes, instead of uploading, please link from Moodle to the content (e-journal, e-book, database etc). No further steps are required

Step 2: Check availability and compliance

If no digital copy is available or linking is not possible, ensure the content to be scanned meets these criteria:

  • Is it available from the UAL library? You can check this using library search
  • Is it CLA compliant? This can be verified using the CLA title search at  A search by title or ISBN (for books) or ISSN (for journals) will indicate what use is allowed (e.g. scanning, photocopying). Select see permissions for HE institutions.
  • Is it within the permitted limit, i.e. not more than one chapter or 10% from any one book (whichever is greater – except for an anthology, short story, poem or play for which you can copy up to 10 pages only) and one article from any one journal issue? Please note that this limit is for each course unit, so if you are co-teaching you may need to check with a course coordinator to see what other material has already been used for the same course unit.

If the answer to all the questions is yes, you may upload the selection to Moodle. Proceed to Step 3.

If you need help at all, please contact your academic support librarian

Step 3: Complete a Copyright Notice form

  • Scan the selection
  • Fill out a Copyright Notice Form [view] and attach a copy of it to the front page of the scanned selection [view]
  • Upload the scanned selection with the Copyright Notice to Moodle
  • Keep a copy of the completed Copyright Notice form for your own records
  • Send a copy of the completed Copyright Notice form to

Scanning and Photocopying

For an overview of how and why it is important to comply with the Copyright Licensing Agency Licence when photocopying or scanning materials for use in classes and on Moodle, please see the key points of the CLA Higher Education Licence for academic staff:

For help with posting scanned materials on Moodle contact uk

Questions? Please email

More Help

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