Graphic and Media Design

Online Assessment ToolBA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design at LCC was one of the first courses in University of the Arts London to use the Online Assessment Tool (OAT). The course team tested the tool prior to launch and their suggestions have helped to further refine it as it continues to be developed.

As David Sims (Programme Director – Graphic Communication) says:
“The BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design course is a large course with over 425 students which has emerged from a rich history of graphic design education at LCC: a history that also reflects design nationally and internationally. Our students are encouraged to be innovative and to initiate change, to integrate practice and theory, and work individually and collaboratively. Students come to us from a range diverse backgrounds and institutions both home, EU and International.

Historically, summative and formative assessments have used paper based feedback sheets hand-written by the member of staff assessing the work. This is a time consuming process and students were not receiving their feedback in time for them respond effectively to it in their next assignment.

The course encourages extensive use of online tools such as Blackboard and blogs to support student learning. I was keen to find support for assessment that built on the embedded use of technology in the course curriculum.

Over the course of the Autumn term 2011, the course team worked closely with John Jackson and Marc Griffith from the elearning team in CLTAD to evaluate and test the Online Assessment Tool. The tool, accessed via Blackboard, proved robust and reliable so after briefing and training the Course Team we used the tool to assess over 200 student portfolios at the end of that first term.

We completed the whole assessment process much faster than the traditional paper-based method and students had their feedback within 6 days of hand-in. Staff felt that they were able to spend more time giving give better informed, critical and useful feedback to students.

Feedback from students has been extremely positive. They find their feedback easier to read and can now access their feedback at any time from any computer using their UAL login providing them with increased opportunity to reflect on their feedback and respond to it in their next assignment.

The CLTAD elearning team have been terrific in supporting us through the process and we are now implementing the Online Assessment Tool for the whole of the Graphic and Media Design course.”

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