Fashion Design and Marketing

BA Fashion Design WorkflowTim Williams, LCF Course Leader for Fda/BA Fashion Design & Marketing Year 1, used a ‘workflow’ ePortfolio group both as an area for sharing learning materials with his students and as a collaborative workspace for students to create content in small groups.

In the ‘group pages’ area, students co-authored pages in teams of three or four, sharing the documentation of their team project’s progress, along with research materials and contextual multimedia.

Group pages are accessible to all group members. Having their work visible to their peers, and seeing other teams’ work in this shared space encouraged students to participate in creating content and helped to raise the standard of their research work. Workflow was an excellent solution for pulling in visual and other multimedia resources from around the web to contextualise the students’ work.

BA Fashion Design WorkflowTim took full advantage of workflow’s flexibility in handling diverse content to create learning resources which included blog and social media feeds, as well as more conventional web and text/image-based content. This made for an engaging set of resources and a good example of using workflow to create a community of interest. Of particular interest is the ‘flat’ hierarchy of the group pages space, where the tutor-created work sits alongside that of the students.

Tim discovered that those students in his cohort who were asked to use workflow became enthusiastic in their use of it. However, those outside the cohort did not generally engage with it. This indicates in this instance that strong academic support and proper integration of the resource into coursework was necessary for its adoption to be effective.

Tim and his students have continued to use workflow with interesting results – developing the collaborative aspects to include cross-course activities.

More information about Workflow is also available at – ‘Why Workflow?’ – a blog posting on ‘Digital Present’ describing and exploring further examples of this ePortfolio platform.