Jennifer Ugoji is managing a project called ‘exceed’ at UAL which is designed to provide Art and Design related development opportunities for strategic development staff members. After discussing and exploring a variety of online platforms with CLTAD, Jennifer decided to use myblog.arts because “I wanted a flexible platform that could be used to: promote the project and its activities in a different way; invite and showcase staff contributions; gather feedback and ideas;
encourage participation and discussion”

As Jennifer comments:

“I have used the blog to post project related materials, event information, resources and staff contributions. In response, Staff have posted their questions, comments and feedback. Some of those comments have been used in the planning of project events and activities.  For example, in advance of an event, the blog was used to encourage staff to think about a particular theme by responding to, or posing, questions. This was a good way to engage staff in the event and subject, and promote use of the blog.

Using the blog for project resources, marketing and pre-event activities worked well, but encouraging staff to post was quite difficult and required different approaches.

Time needed to fully develop the blog could be a project in itself, so I felt I didn’t do as much as I wanted with it due to time constraints, though I’m still working on it”.

Additional observations:

  • The exceed blog is to be found at http://exceed.myblog.arts.ac.uk
  • A useful source of creatives commons images http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/
  • “Being able to use images to illustrate posts, and the ease of using the tool were definite advantages.”