Digital Guidelines

UAL recognizes the value of using web 2.0 services to enhance learning and teaching, whilst acknowledging the difficulty of keeping up to date with rapidly changing web 2.0 technologies. The following documents have been designed to highlight the benefits and issues involved.

Web 2.0 Checklist
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Web 2.0 Considerations
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Web 2.0 Guidelines
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Services Definition
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Course Regulations
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Common Craft
Fantastic site that will educate others with 50+ ready-made video explanations that you can embed on your website or download for offline use.
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eTools – useful for Teaching & Learning
List of useful eTools used, supported and training offered at UAL. Also lists other tools not supported by UAL but maybe useful in Teaching and Learning.
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offers online video tutorials focused on software topics and business skills training.
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site for plain English info. about licenses for open educational resources or any other kind of open resource.
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Teaching and Learning Exchange
The Teaching and Learning Exchange works with staff and students to enhance teaching, learning and employability
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Digital Fluency Blog
Question. Learn. Explore.
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eLearning, digital literacy and more…
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DIAL project
The DIAL project methodology is to identify mutually supportive communities of staff and students within the larger university community (based on courses, disciplines or other naturally occurring communities) who identify goals for improving their collective digital literacies over a six month period, initially with significant support from the project team.
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Digital Present
To provide environments for learning that help to drive intellectual, social and economic advancement at a time of rapid and uncertain global change is the challenge of UK higher education.
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Teaching and Learning Exchange Blog
The Teaching and Learning Exchange supports teaching and learning enhancement, working in partnership with staff and students.
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