Workflow Upgrade: 28/03/2017 – 29/03/2017

Following the decision not to upgrade Workflow this term, I am writing to advise you that we will use the next pre-scheduled elearning maintenance date, 28th March to carry out the upgrade. The process will take two days to complete and we expect the platform to be available again on 29th March.

You will notice that although Workflow will be available for use again on 29th March, we have allowed one working day to ensure the upgrade has been fully successful. As such we are advising that any critical uses (e.g. for assessment) do not resume until Friday 30th March.

Below are key dates and further information about the upgrade. Please take note of the dates, and help us disseminate information to colleagues.

Upgrade Schedule

  • Now until Friday 27 January: user testing and feedback
  • Monday 13 to Friday 24 March: No further changes will be made to the test site. Courses and admins can use the test site to prepare advice/support/guidance needed for staff and students.
  • Tuesday 28 to Wednesday 29 March: upgrade of Workflow
  • Wednesday 29th March: Workflow available to use
  • Thursday 30 March: Contingency – QA/bug fixing
  • Friday 31 March: final sign off; Critical uses of Workflow can be resumed.

Will workflow be unavailable during the upgrade?

Workflow will be unavailable on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th March. We expect the platform to become available the evening of 29th March.

What does the downtime mean for students and teaching staff?

Colleagues are asked not to plan any critical use of Workflow (submission of assessed work, or assessment procedures) for these dates as students and teaching colleagues will not be able to access Workflow.

How will the new version be different?

The new version of Workflow very closely resembles the platform as you currently know it. We have modified the way Workflow looks as we move to provide a more consistent look and feel between our major elearning platforms. The layout, naming and navigation  remains in main, as it was.
As with any upgrade there are numerous minor changes and enhancements to functionality, as well as new features on offer. We will aim to provide information on those new features, and highlight any potential new areas that may be useful for when we go Live.

Can I see what the new version will look like before the upgrade?

Yes, we have a version available on a test server. You can log into this using your UAL username and password. Please note that at the moment it is only available from within the UAL network (i.e. you must be logged into a computer at UAL), or logging in via citrix. You can access the upgraded version here: We would like to encourage all staff that use Workflow to access the test site to verify integrity of their site content, and test all functions as expected.

Please note that this site will change as we continue to work on fixing any bugs and issues reported.

What if I spot any issues with my Workflow pages / site?

Please complete this Google form giving as much detail about any problems or issues that you find. You can complete as many  of these forms as you wish, so you can submit a form and continue testing at another time. It is really important for you to record your name, contact details and the URL where you encounter an issue. This will help us quickly locate the same page to investigate. Colleagues have until January 27th to report any issues.

If you have any questions about the upgrade process, or how it will impact on colleagues or students please email